1. NAME
    The name of the organization is the South African Urological Association (SAUA).
    The objectives of the SAUA are to:

    1. promote the practice of Urology
    2. define and establish relationships amongst urologists and private institutions, government authorities, the medical profession generally and the public
    3. promote the professional and legitimate interests of urologists.
    In this document reference to the male gender includes the female.

    1. Full Membership: Any person who is registered as a medical practitioner with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and who is a member of the South African Medical Association (SAMA) is eligible to be a Full Member, provided that:
      1. his professional practice is confined to the specialty of Urology or
      2. the nature of his practice is such as to give him a special interest in the subject of Urology.
    2. Senior Membership: Full Members who have reached the age of 65 or who have retired before the age of 65   years are eligible for election as Senior Members.
    3. Affiliate Membership: Persons eligible for Full Membership of the SAUA but who are not members of the SAMA will be Affiliate Members in terms of the Articles of Association of the SAMA, and Full Members of the SAUA in terms of this Constitution.
    4. Associate Membership: Urologists from other countries and Urology registrars working in South Africa are eligible for election as Associate Members.
    5. Honorary Membership may be conferred on any person who has made a valuable contribution to the advancement of medical science and has rendered distinguished services to the SAUA. Honorary Members will be proposed by the Executive Committee of the SAUA and duly elected by at least a two-thirds majority of those members voting at a Biennial General Meeting of the SAUA.
    6. Only Full, Affiliate and Senior Members will be eligible to vote or to be elected to office in the SAUA, provided their membership fees have been fully paid.
    7. Candidates for membership will be elected by majority of the Executive Committee of the SAUA via the online application form.
    8. Every member will remain a member until his membership is terminated by his resignation in writing, addressed to the Secretary. His membership may be suspended if after one year he has not paid his due subscription; but he may be reinstated on payment of arrear subscriptions. During the period of suspension he will not retain his vote. Membership of any Member may be terminated or suspended by a two-thirds majority resolution of the Executive Committee if it is considered that the conduct of such Member has harmed the honour and interests of the SAUA. The Executive Committee has an unfettered discretion in this regard.
    1.  The general control and direction of the policy and affairs of the SAUA will be vested in the Executive Committee.
    2. The Executive Committee will hold office for two years and will consist of a President, a President-Elect, a Secretary, a Treasurer and two Additional Member. No office bearer will be allowed to hold the same office for more than two terms (four years).
    3. Election of members of the Executive Committee will be by simple majority vote of Members present and entitled to vote at a General Meeting of the SAUA. Nominations for the EXCO must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 24 hours prior to the General Meeting, and voting will be by closed ballot. The newly elected members of the Executive Committee will assume office at the conclusion of the General Meeting where they were elected.
    4. A list of office bearers, together with a complete list of members of the SAUA will be furnished to the Secretary General of the SAMA within 30 (thirty) days of the election of such office-bearers.
      1. The President will submit a report on the activities of the Executive Committee at every General Meeting of the SAUA
      2. The Secretary will keep records of all meetings of the SAUA and of the Executive Committee, conduct all   correspondence in connection with the affairs of the SAUA, deal with all membership applications and   resignations, and submit a report at the General Meeting of the SAUA.
      3. The Treasurer will receive all monies due to the SAUA, make all disbursements approved by the Executive Committee, and submit an audited financial statement at the General Meeting of the SAUA.
      4. Copies of these reports will be sent to the Secretary General of the SAMA within 30 (thirty) days of the General  Meeting. The Executive Committee of the SAUA will nominate one of its members to serve on the National Council of the SAMA.
    1. The Executive Committee will meet as often as its members may deem necessary, but not less than twice a year. Meetings will be chaired by the President or, in his absence, by any member of the Executive Committee elected for this purpose at the meeting. The quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee will be a majority of its members. Any decision of the Executive Committee will be by majority vote.
    2. The Biennial General Meeting of the SAUA will be held every two years to coincide with its Congress. Voting by proxy will not be allowed at General Meetings which coincide with the SAUA Congress.
    3. Extraordinary General Meetings of the SAUA may be called by the Executive Committee or on the written request of ten members of the SAUA. Voting by proxy will be allowed at Extraordinary General Meetings of the SAUA and the form of the proxy will follow as nearly as is material the form prescribed in the Articles of Association of the SAMA.
    1. The SAUA may take such action as may be deemed necessary in all matters affecting the legitimate interests of its members, providing that the SAMA as a whole be not involved or pledged to any action or financial commitment and that any action contemplated by the SAUA be in conformity with the policy of the SAMA for the time being in force.
    2. Should the SAUA refer a matter affecting the interests of its members to the Council of the SAMA for action, it will take no further independent action, unless requested to do so by the SAMA Council.
    1. The Executive Committee may appoint Subcommittees and the President will serve as an ex officio member of all Subcommittees. The Executive Committee will determine the terms of reference and responsibilities of each Subcommittee, and will allocate a separate budget to each Subcommittee. The Chairman of each Subcommittee will submit a report of the Subcommittee’s activities at every General Meeting of the SAUA.
    2. It will be competent for the SAUA to allow the formation of Subgroups. Such Subgroups may be allowed power of independent action in local matters, provided that such action is not in conflict with the general policy of the SAUA or of the SAMA. Such Subgroups will elect their own office-bearers and notify the Secretary of the SAUA. Reports of local action taken will be submitted by the Secretary of the Subgroup to the Secretary of the SAUA.
    1. An Annual Fee, to be determined by the Executive Committee for the various categories of membership, will be payable by Members of the SAUA. The amount of these subscriptions may be altered by majority vote at a General Meeting of the SAUA.
    1. This Constitution shall not be repealed or amended save by a resolution adopted by a majority of two-thirds of the members present and entitled to vote at a SAUA General Meeting, of which due and proper notice has been given.

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