SAUA Membership


Any person who is a registered medical practitioner within the Republic of South Africa and who is a member of the Medical Association is eligible for membership.

Provided that:

His professional practice is confined to the practice of the specialty of Urology or the nature of his practice is such as to give him a special interest in the subject of Urology.

Senior membership for those full members who have reached the age of sixty five years. Full members who retire before the age of sixty five years are eligible for election as Senior Members.

Affiliated membership for Urologists from neighbouring countries will be considered.

Honorary Membership may be conferred on any person who has made a valuable contribution to the advancement of medical science and has rendered distinguished services to the Association.

Honorary Membership will be considered by the Executive Committee of the Association and duly elected by at least a two-third majority of those members voting at an Annual General Meeting of the Association. Such membership will always be subject to approval by the Federal Council and members thus elected shall, not be Extraordinary Members of the Medical Association.

Only full members will be eligible to vote or to be elected to hold office.

Candidates for membership will be elected by majority the Executive Committee of the Group after being duly and seconded in writing by members of the Group.

Every member will remain a member until his membership is terminated by his resignation in writing, addressed to the honorary Secretary. His membership may be suspended if after one year he has not paid his due subscription; but he may be reinstated on payment of arrear subscriptions due. During the period of suspension he will not retain his vote.

Annual Membership Fees

Full Time Academic (No private practice) R 550
Private Practice (Full time or part time) R 4 650 - which includes R 1 140 for membership of SAPPF as well as US$ 75 for group membership of the Société International d'Urologie (SIU)
Registrars and Associate Members - No fees
Senior and Retired members - No fees

Please forward your payment electronically to the SAUA bank account.

Branch : Brooklyn Pretoria 163145
Account no. 1631018493