Urology Fellowship

Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you about a wonderful partnership we have managed to negotiate with
Sanofi-Aventis for our Association.

I don't have to tell you how tough things are getting for our profession in the New South Africa. I think we all realise, accept and agree that change was necessary, and while we may not necessarily agree with all the steps that are being taken I'm sure we're all committed to supporting the concept. It's therefore a "riem onder die hart" that some of our partners in the Healthcare sector are showing their preparedness to support us in our efforts to maintain and promote healthcare standards in this difficult climate.

In consultation with your Association, Sanofi-Aventis have established the
"Sanofi-Aventis Urology Fellowship", the cornerstones of which are:

  • Managing, maintaining and enhancing our website.
  • E-mail communications to members.
  • SMS news flashes to members.
  • Updating members details and changes.
  • Financing the upgraded and enlarged Registrars Forum.
  • Financing the Guy de Klerk Lectureship.
  • A medical search facility integrated with the website.

There is something here for everybody. This is a huge cash injection and tremendous support and help to EXCO in the day to day management of the Association as well as extending the services we can offer to our members. We are sincerely grateful to the company for their support, and it's now up to us to make optimal use of the opportunity.

My Best Regards

Paul Porteous.
Treasurer: South African Urological Association.